Video & Cassette Tapes

Overview of Chart ( 1 hour viewing time ) - $20.00

In this one hour video you wil have the opportunity to see and hear Evangelist John G. Hall, as he displays and explains his unique Dipensational Chart in an actual evangelistic service. This teaching tape is the most informative video you could ever obtain on this subject. Here Evangelist Hall presents clearly and concisely a complete overview of the eternal program of God, from the ages past to the events of the future, as unfolded in the Scriptures.

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase this valuable tape. View and review this informative video in your own home, with your Bible open to follow along. Suitable also for showing to a study group or entire congregation.

Prophecy Marches On! - Studies in the Book of Daniel ( 1 hour viewing time ) - $15.00

You will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions, such as:

  • Can the Rapture of the church take place at any time?
  • When will the Anti Christ be revealed?
  • Will He reign over the entire world?
  • Will everyone be compelled to take the mark, name, or number?
  • When will the Battle of Armageddon take place
Donna Hall Brownell Music Cassette tapes $5.00 each
Donna Hall Brownell's piano and vocal concerts have been enjoyed by thousands in the United States, Great Britain, and other countries around the world. Having earned an M.A. degree in piano performance at the University of North Texas, she has since taught music and piano in several colleges. Her tapes feature a wide range of vocal and instrumental music. Inspirational, easy listening, as well as worship/altar music.
Sunday Ivory Piano Music Book - $6.00
Donna Hall Brownell has developed this book in response to requests from students and others who, while they can read music, would like to be able to improvise and add extra notes when playing the piano. The book has all the extra notes written in so that an individual with a basic knowledge of music can learn by using it alone. Sunday also an excellent source for piano teachers, either for teaching or for supplementary assignments.
Candace's Songs and Puppets - $15.00

These video clips, some from TV appearances and others specially produced, cover a period of four years, from the time Candace Brownell was five years old to the age of nine. Granddaughter of Evangelist and Mrs. John G. Hall, Candace began traveling with them at the age of four, singing and presenting gospel stories with the aid of puppets. This unique video tape chronicles her presentations during that time. Excellent source for teaching children in the home or in children's church. Highlights Scriptures, songs, and Christian values.

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